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Usernames & passwords

Your username will be an email address. The address you enter in the registration form, to be precise. The accounts will be immediately created with no fail-safe if you misspell your email address, so please make sure your email address is correct. And is an actual email box you have access to. Or you won’t be able to reset your password later, for instance.

What to count

Count anything you like to focus energy on. If you want to write a book, count words, then don’t worry about the quality of those words. Just writing a significant number of those every day will yield something to work with. If you need to learn for a certification, track minutes. Even if you spend some of those minutes staring out the window while you should be learning, if you just keep going, the results will come.


Currently you will need to select a group, which is a legacy from the Magic Mantra Machine. I suggest you enter your city, unless you identify more with your company or some group or association, in which case feel free to add that. When you create a new “group” you will need to select a country, though.

Targets for more oomph and more wow

This is what makes a LifeLine a LifeLine. Not just a loose accumulation over time.

Choose (or create) an activity, then set a target (for the current calendar month), and when you go to the count page you will see how many items you still need to do today to reach your overall target at constant daily effort and maybe even more importantly, how many items you need to do from tomorrow onwards if you stop for today today. These values are calculated both across all your LifeLines and for each one, the values will reload when you choose the LifeLine to track.

We highly recommend setting those targets. Next to seeing the numbers growing around you, having others see how you are doing against your target and the “left today” and “remaining daily” figures have the greatest motivating effect. Accountability is the buzzword for this kind of thing. And something with social, I think. Anyway, targets are great.

Quality of your activities

Having said all this, of course quality is important. Targets can be a great help for many of us, as can be the feeling of competition growing the LifeLines side-by-side with others or other groups.

The amazing thing about LifeLining is that quality emerges automatically, almost as a by-product of focusing on quantity. If you define your LifeLines right, the results will come. Try it out.


Your total counts and the sum of your targets will be visible in the lists (on the more page), however, which activities you do, and the separate counts and targets for each will only be visible for you, so you won’t have to worry too much about secrecy or privacy.

Beginningless: What to do with what you’ve accumulated before today

You can also record a starting value for each activity, called “accumulated so far” that will show up in the totals for the interval you enter it for. So if you’ve already been tracking an activity, feel free to enter that value. This feature is another heirloom from the Mantra Machine and may go away, but more likely it will be transformed into something else. So if you feel like seeing all your accumulation for a LifeLine, go ahead and use it.

Endless: we’ll keep counting

Currently the intervals are set system-wide for each calendar month and the ones for the next month will be created at the end of the current one. So don’t forget to come back and set your targets for the next month. Wherever counts are listed you can switch between intervals or view the numbers for all time. This way you can track your LifeLines from month to month.

Bring your friends and their friends and their friends…

And, as these social things go, it’ll work the better the more people join and pursue their LifeLines together or in friendly competition. We haven’t (yet) integrated an “invite” and “challenge” function, and as this is a closed beta right now, any new sign-ups will have to get approved by us, but if you know friends or family who might like to give this a try, either put us in touch with them or ask them to request to join right here and we’re happy to have them, too.

The more the merrier.

As we are in the early stages of developing this app, we have no membership fees or anything like that yet. And of course development doesn’t come free. Like lunch, as they say.

If you like we are more than happy to receive any amount in support of this project’s development. There will probably be a crowdfunding campaign later, too, and anybody who contributes even before that will be sure to get some of the perks.

Click here to have a bigger impact by making a direct contribution or contact us by email for more.

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